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Research and evaluation provides you with the evidence you need to make informed decisions about your programs, practices, policies or organizational structure and functioning. Systems Change Solutions, Inc. is committed to providing clients with high quality and timely research and evaluation products, by combining scientific rigor with practical utility. 


Systems Change Solutions, Inc. provides the following research and evaluation services:


·         Program, Practice and Policy Evaluation - Our approach to evaluation places a strong emphasis on providing both empirically sound and practically meaningful evaluation studies. To this end, we work closely with clients so that the evaluation study is most likely to produce useful information that results in action. We engage stakeholders and clients in the entire research process, from design to data collection and final analysis and reporting. We use a wide range of methods in order to answer evaluation questions, including qualitative and quantitative approaches: 

o    Interviews

o    Focus Groups

o    Surveys (including online or web-based surveys)

o    Structured observation

o    Archival records analysis, case studies and document reviews

o    Administration of testing or assessment protocols

o    Management information (data) system analysis

o    Implementation fidelity analysis

o    Quasi-experimental research designs


·         Applied Social Research - Applied social research helps to increase your knowledge of theory and practice in order to identify solutions to organizational and social problems. It provides answers to questions such as “What are the causes of the problems we are trying to impact?” and “What are the best practices in the field?” Using rigorous, participatory and utilization-focused methods, we will work with you to ensure that our research is useful in addressing the challenges your organization or program faces. With extensive experience in both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis we will develop and implement a research design that is tailored to your specific needs.


·         Evaluability Assessment - In addition to program evaluation, we also conduct evaluability assessments to determine if a program is ready to be evaluated. This process helps to develop evaluation frameworks (or plans for how to best evaluate a program, including data collection and analytic procedures).


·         Court-Based Performance Measurement - We have extensive experience designing performance measures for courts as well as implementing court performance measurement studies. Our approach not only focuses on building local capacity for ongoing performance measurement but also foucses on working with sites to help them use performance data to design and target reform efforts.

·         Judicial Workload Analysis - In order to best determine what judicial resources are needed to efficiently and fairly process cases, our comprehensive approach to judicial workload assessment includes a time-at-task or weighted caseload approach  and an analysis of the judicial work (both on and off the bench) that is needed to achieve recognized guidelines for judicial best practice. 

·         Design of Results-Based Reporting Tools - All research and evaluation projects involve our clients in identifying a variety of reporting tools that not only will effectively communicate findings but will also lend themselves to action.


The team at Systems Change Solutions, Inc. is experienced in negotiating with Institutional Review Boards, obtaining appropriate research clearances, and protecting research and evaluation subjects’ confidentiality.
Systems_Change_Solutions,_Inc_Final-12-1If you need help with reviewing your current evaluation plan, instruments, analyses and reporting stragey (but not a full research and evaluation study) please see the technical assistance section

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